About Us

New Horizon Solution LLC,  based in Salt Lake City, Utah, was formed to develop and market the EasyWeeder tool. We are proud to offer the most innovative weed extraction tool on the market today for removing unwanted weeds.  Its unique design uses the power of a hand drill to easily, quickly and efficiently remove weeds from all types of conditions like grass, gravel, soil and mulch.  Its 34” length aids in getting those hard-to-reach weeds without ever having the bend, kneel or pull at the weed.  The EasyWeeder not only removes unwanted weeds in a fraction of the time, it also aerates the soil in preparation for planting.  The EasyWeeder Team has designed the EasyWeeder to provide gardeners, landscapers, weekend weed warriors and those with a physical limitation a tool that will clean up and maintain your grass, garden and flower beds with ease! 


The EasyWeeder Team - Patrick Heagney, Stephen Lanning and Debbie Heagney 




Patrick can be reached at patrick@easyweedertool.com 

Debbie can be reached at debbie@easyweedertool.com 

Stephen can be reached at stephen@easyweedertool.com