patricia-testimonialpixs.jpg   Patricia - “I have loved to garden my whole life, but since my knee   surgery I have not been able to tend to my vegetable garden. Now that I  have the EasyWeeder Tool, I can clean out weeds, cultivate and aerate my  garden again. Thank you EasyWeeder!”
 stevie-testimonial.jpg    Stevie - "I've been using the easyweeder for about a month.  I love not having to bend down to pull weeds!  This tool makes weeding painless and  very efficient.  I have found that it works best if the soil is damp.  Fun to  use, easy to use, lightweight, efficient.  Don't forget to charge your drill!"
    John B -  "I tried the EasyWeeder tool for the first time and was amazed on how well it worked and how tough it is. I have a Lava Rock gravel bed down  my driveway and the Easyweeder tool goes right through the rocks and gets  the weeds! I highly recommend this tool to anyone who wants to make  weeding easy!"